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JoBlo Horror Originals has launched its first Friday Night Frights live stream. Come watch and join the party!

Here on the Arrow in the Head horror side of the JoBlo Network, we feel that the best way to start the weekend is by kicking back on a Friday evening to watch and discuss some horror entertainment – and that’s why TONIGHT (Friday, May 3rd) at 8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific, we’re launching our first horror live stream on the JoBlo Horror Originals YouTube channel! The channel link is HERE, and the specific link for the live stream is THIS ONE. We’re calling the live stream Friday Night Frights, and it’s the first of what should be a great new series!

The Friday Night Frights stream will be hosted by Tyler Nichols, and during this first live stream, Tyler will be talking about Chucky season 3, which just wrapped up a couple days ago (check out his interview with Brad Dourif himself), and the new horror film Tarot, which is in theatres now. Don’t expect Tyler to have many good things to say about Tarot – and you can tell from his 3/10 review, he was not a fan of this one. There will also be a surprise trailer reaction along the way.

Now that we’ve told you all about the live stream event, here’s some information on Tarot:

Best known for playing Peter Parker’s best friend Ned in the recent Spider-Man movies (Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far from Home, and Spider-Man: No Way Home, with appearances in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame), Jacob Batalon plays the title character in the horror comedy Syfy / Hulu / Amazon series Reginald the Vampire, and also has a lead role in Tarot. He’s joined in the cast by Avantika (Mean Girls), Adain Bradley (Wrong Turn: The Foundation), Humberly González (Ginny & Georgia), Wolfgang Novogratz (The Last Summer), Harriet Slater (Pennyworth), Olwen Fouéré (Texas Chainsaw Massacre), and Larsen Thompson (The Midnight Club).

The film is based on a 1992 novel by Nicholas Adams (pick up a copy HERE) that was called Horrorscope. Anna Halberg and Spenser Cohen wrote the screenplay adaptation and made their feature directorial debut with Tarot, which follows a group of college friends who after getting their horoscopes read, begin dying in ways connected to their fortunes. Are their fates fatal or can they change what’s written in the stars?

A collaboration between Screen Gems and Alloy Entertainment, Tarot was produced by Alloy’s Leslie Morgenstein and Elysa Koplovitz Dutton, along with Scott Glassgold of Ground Control. Cohen and Halberg served as executive producers. Scott Strauss, Michael Bitar, and Lariah Perara oversaw the project for Screen Gems. Cohen previously contributed to the screenplays for Extinction, Moonfall, and Expend4bles. With Halberg, he has written the upcoming movie Ivy and the podcast series Classified.

Will you be joining the party as Tyler hosts the Friday Night Frights horror live stream tonight? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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