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Spider-Verse producer and writer Chris Miller is assuring fans that artificial intelligence will not be used for the third installment.

While certain terms over the use of artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry have been settled, there is still a serious concern over it – and rightly so. It seems like every couple of weeks there is a fresh issue related to AI in Hollywood. The main issue generally revolves around job replacement but there is also the genuine concern over creativity itself being shut down. One movie that has been of particular focus is the forthcoming Beyond the Spider-Verse, the third movie in the Spider-Verse series. But according to Chris Miller, there’s no need to get your spiderweb in a twist, as there will be no AI whatsoever.

Chris Miller took to X to address a fan concern that there could be use of artificial intelligence in future Spider-Verse movies. In his response, he wrote, “There is no generative AI in Beyond the Spider-Verse and there never will be. One of the main goals of the films is to create new visual styles that have never been seen in a studio CG film, not steal the generic plagiarized average of other artists’ work.”

The Spider-Verse movies so far have been some of the most visually stunning of any animated films ever – but that’s far from AI that the filmmakers are employing. The animation here is as authentic as it gets and far superior to anything that computers alone could create…or at least we hope. Artificial intelligence will of course only get better as time – and really not much time at all – goes by. Thankfully, Miller’s words about the Spider-Verse are comforting in his assurance that there will be no reliance on it to complete the film…which is more than can be said of far too many other works.

While we all know the concerns of AI in Hollywood, this news that Beyond the Spider-Verse won’t being sullied by it shows the true love for film and animation that those behind the scenes have. As Miller previously stated on both the dedication and release window, “We’re going to take the time necessary to make Beyond the Spider-Verse great…And we won’t back into a release date that doesn’t fit.”

Do Chris Miller’s words make you more excited for Beyond the Spider-Verse? Does the use of artificial intelligence in animation concern you? Let us know below.

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