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We speak to the iconic Franka Potente about her 1999 classic, Run Lola Run, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Run Lola Run is perfection. The love I have for this 1998 classic runs deep. I recently returned to the theatres to see this amazing flick on the big screen. It was easily one of the most entertaining times I’ve had in a darkened cinema in awhile. Starring the lovely Franka Potente in the iconic title role and directed by the brilliant Tom Tykwer, Run Lola Run sings. Three different tales of one situation that look and sound just as fresh as they did at the end of the 90’s. If you’ve not seen this, you are missing out on something truly special. Hopefully, some of you may have had that chance.

I became an instant fan of Franka Potente first time I caught this excellent feature. To say it was great to chat with her about this classic was a joy. She opened up about getting involved in the film, and how much of it influenced her own career. Franka was kind enough to put up with a mad fan of the movie. It brings me a thrill that so many folks can discover this one for the first time. If you get a chance and you can find the Run Lola Run 4K Restoration, it’s an exuberantly wild ride worth taking. I’m sure Run Don’t Walk has already been taken.

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