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Rumer Willis, the oldest daughter of Bruce Willis, says that her father is doing well, having just visited him.

We here at JoBlo.com are massive fans of Bruce Willis, so we love anytime we hear positive news on his health, having been diagnosed with first aphasia and then later frontotemporal dementia. Fortunately, the family of Bruce Willis has been open and transparent with his condition, with oldest daughter Rumer Willis providing updates when appropriate. The latest is definitely an uplifting one, with Rumer touching on the importance of family and fans.

Speaking with Extra, Rumer Willis confirmed that Bruce is “doing so good. I got to go over and see him today, which was so lovely and so nice to see him with my daughter and just go over and give love.” She added, “As a family, especially my sisters and I, we’re just so grateful for the love that comes at him. I think it is such a reflection of who he is.”

It’s always nice to see people come together to support those they love. In addition to Rumer, Bruce Willis’ current wife Emma Heming Willis has more or less been in charge of public relations when it comes to news of Bruce’s condition. At the same time, even his ex-wife, Demi Moore – who has remained close with Bruce for the better part of the decades since their 2000 divorce – has shown her undying support. Last Father’s Day, Rumer Willis paid tribute to Bruce with touching words and a generational pic of herself, Bruce and her daughter Louetta. With Father’s Day next month, we certainly expect to see the same.

The news that Bruce Willis’ health had been declining and that he was retiring from acting – after stockpiling dozens of direct-to-video movies, which we would later learn was something of a retirement fund – was devastating for his fans. But we became fans because of all the work that came before it and we are forever grateful for John McClane, Butch Coolidge, Korben Dallas, Malcolm Crowe, Jimmy the Tulip, David Addison, and so, so many more.

Which performances of Bruce Willis’ remain your favorite? Give us your top 3 in the comments section below, and while you’re there, send your own positive vibes to the legendary star.

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