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The 2002 video game follow-up to John Carpenter’s The Thing is being revived with The Thing: Remastered, coming later this year

Back in 2002, Computer Artworks and Black Label Games brought the world a video game called The Thing, which served as a sequel John Carpenter’s classic 1982 sci-fi horror film also titled The Thing (watch it HERE). More than twenty years later, that game is being revived by Nightdive Studios, which has teamed up with Universal Products & Experiences to give the The Thing video game a remaster that is set to receive a digital release on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and the Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. The new release of the game is going by the appropriate title of The Thing: Remastered. A trailer can be seen at the bottom of this article.

Our friends at Bloody Disgusting let us know, “Nightdive has upgraded the game for the modern era through its proprietary KEX Engine for play on current-generation gaming devices, including 4K resolution at 120FPS. The Thing: Remastered will also sport updated character models, textures, and animations, with the implementation of advanced 3D rendering for updated lighting and atmospheric effects.”

Larry Kuperman, Nightdive Studios’ Director of Business Development, provided the following statement: “Many of us at Nightdive Studios are ardent fans of the horror genre, so it’s been an incredible honor to work within the world of the iconic The Thing. The 1982 film is a masterpiece and truly one of the most impactful pieces of art in the horror genre. With The Thing: Remastered, we’re honoring that legacy and Computer Artworks’ incredible game inspired by the story that further expanded the lore.

The The Thing video game has the following synopsis: In the frozen wastelands of Antarctica, a mysterious, shape-shifting alien life form has wiped out an American scientific outpost. You’re the leader of a military rescue team sent to investigate the carnage. Trapped by the elements and infected by a horrific enemy, you must keep your squad together.

This is one of the rare games that I have actually played, and I really enjoyed it… up until I reached a boss I couldn’t figure out how to beat. I was never able to finish the game because of that one douchebag monster. Maybe I’ll have better luck if I have a The Thing: Remastered rematch. It’s great to see this video game getting a comeback, especially since I currently have my fingers crossed for a revival of Friday the 13th: The Game.

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