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In “Anatomy of a Scene,” we ask directors to reveal the secrets that go into making key scenes in their movies. See new episodes in the series on Fridays. You can also watch our collection of more than 150 videos on YouTube and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Spicy margaritas, bad decisions and one big stunt make up this sequence from “The Fall Guy.”

Ryan Gosling stars as a stuntman named Colt Seavers alongside Emily Blunt as a cinematographer, Jody Moreno. In this flashback, the two have a flirty conversation over the radio about having a drink after work as Colt prepares for a stunt on set.

For the scene, which involves Gosling’s character falling several stories inside a building, the “Fall Guy” director David Leitch said they opted to create the moment practically and have Gosling perform the stunt himself.

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