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If you love listening to friends talk about the highs and lows of adulting, what would it take to be a successful footballer or you are pop culture-obsessed? You’ll find something in this week’s column.

1. We Just Got Here Podcast

Streaming platform: All streaming platforms

Genre: Comedy

The love between childhood friends – they went to primary and secondary school together – Stephanie Achigbu and Tia Roberts are palpable.

When they launched their podcast We Just Got Here earlier this year, they set out to create a space where listeners wouldn’t feel so alone in the chaotic adventures adulting likes to spring on so many of us.

In this week’s episode, the dynamic duo – I’m still yet to decide who is funnier – kick things off with their heart-dropping car chronicles, including when Achigbu thought her Ford Fiesta was stolen, when in fact it was towed.

They then went on to explain why they are wearing hats that convey each other’s personality to celebrate their 10th episode – it’s a lesson we can all learn about acknowledging every milestone.

From gums, Cowboy Carter, and skin care, to the way Tia handles crises, gross behaviour, confrontation and drama-filled friendships, Achigbu and Roberts talk about everything and anything, which makes you feel right at home.

If you are looking for a joyful escape, We Just Got Here Podcast should be your next listen.

(By Yolanthé Fawehinmi)

2. Lemme Say This

Streaming platform: All streaming platforms

Genre: Pop culture

“Sometimes yapping pays off,” said Peyton Dix, when she announced her new Wondery podcast Lemme Say This with “favourite hater and better half” Hunter Harris.

In their second episode, the real-life best friends and journalists talk about the latest pop culture news, including the latest season of Bridgerton, the pop culture moments they are convinced only they remember and the potential death of love – in this case, whether Bennifer is truly done – with writer and “Twitter beef” enthusiast Michael Cuby.

To start with, Dix brought up a time in 2000, when Lindsay Lohan went on the Wendy Williams show and was asked about her relationship with Samantha Ronson but claimed to not be bisexual.

Hunter took us back to 2015-2016 when Emma Watson, who was famous for Harry Potter movies and getting a pixie cut in 2011, hid copies of a Maya Angelou book on the underground as an act of feminism.

It’s safe to say that together they are an expansive encyclopedia of pop cultural knowledge.

(By Yolanthé Fawehinmi)

3. You’ll Never Beat Kyle Walker

Streaming platform: All streaming platforms

Genre: Sport

In this brand new BBC Sounds podcast You’ll Never Beat Kyle Walker, English television personality and sports presenter Chris Hughes and English professional footballer Kyle Walker tell listeners all about what it truly takes to be at the top of your game.

In each episode, they are going to talk about the beautiful game and tell funny stories about football. But for the first one, Hughes and Walker break the ice and delve right into the pressing questions everyone likes to know about the life of a footballer.

First up, Hughes asked Walker who’s the best player he has ever played with and why, and he mentioned Gareth Bale, David Silva and Ledley King, just to name a few.

But even at this stage in his career, Walker still doubts himself and wishes he could have worked a bit harder.

In this podcast, talking is therapy for Walker, especially when he touches on the duality of fame and how no one teaches you how to deal with having millions of people have an opinion of you.

(By Yolanthé Fawehinmi)

4. Proxy with Yowei Shaw

Streaming platform: All streaming platforms

Genre: Careers

Yowei Shaw used to host an NPR podcast called Invisibilia before it stopped production and she was made redundant. It’s been a whole year since that happened and during that time she pitched stories, did some reporting, took a little time off and created Proxy, an emotional investigative podcast.

Shaw wasn’t prepared for how much it would hurt and turn her into someone she couldn’t recognise. And though she was reassured that the layoff wasn’t about her but a business decision, why did it feel like NPR was rejecting everything about her? Why was her self-worth on the floor? She felt alone and knew other people would too.

The premise of the podcast stems from a move she’s always made in the past. Shaw would report on the questions she had and speak to the necessary experts and strangers who had similar experiences – that’s why she started to refer to them as “proxies”.

The first set of episodes – a three-part series – gets into the nitty-gritty side of redundancies with sociologist Ofer Sharone, the trauma that’s attached to it and how it can impact you both emotionally and physically. Other episodes also feature people who have found themselves in a similar position.

Proxy is not an advice show or therapy, but a bold, powerful and delicate podcast which uses great sound design to answer deep emotional questions.

(By Yolanthé Fawehinmi)

Spotlight on…

5. Culture Kids Podcast

Streaming platform: All streaming platforms

Genre: Kids and family

Kristen and her adorable son Asher host this family podcast that seeks to explain to kids that there are lots of different cultures, languages and traditions around the world – and the beauty of them co-existing.

This week they’re joined by Dr Victor Santos, linguist and author of children’s book What Makes Us Human to find out why so many languages are spoken and how they’re connected to culture.

The content is engaging and inclusive and, with six-year-old Asher asking their guest some of the questions, the format is easy to listen to, even for parents.

At 20 minutes, each episode is short and sweet to keep young kids tuned in and it should suit families with children from four up to eight or nine years old – potentially sparking some interesting and important conversations at home.

(By Lauren Taylor)

6. Smosh Reads Reddit Stories

Streaming platform: All streaming platforms

Genre: Comedy

The American YouTube sketch comedy-improvisation collective, independent production company and former social networking site founded by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, also has a podcast called Smosh Reads Reddit Stories.

In the most recent episode, co-hosts Shayne Topp, Angela Giarratana and Arasha Lalani read out Reddit stories all about revenge. Is revenge really worth it? Is it ever petty? Do you feel better afterwards? When should you be the bigger person and let things go?

They answer some of these questions and get into revenge etiquette and more, as they discuss six very outlandish Reddit stories from username petty revenge, including one – which they all found resourceful and didn’t think was too much of a big deal – about someone who overran their neighbour’s property with bamboo, which grows quite quickly in Texas, up to 20 feet tall.

It’s no secret that Reddit is a goldmine of outlandish stories, so why not share them with curious listeners who need a genuine laugh? Smosh Reads Reddit Stories is a great concept.

(By Yolanthé Fawehinmi)

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