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Geri Horner has referred to herself by her maiden name in a new video for luxury fashion brand, Dior.

It comes after her husband, racing driver Christian Horner, was embroiled in a sexting scandal, which saw a colleague accuse him of inappropriate behaviour. An internal probe by the F1 team’s parent company, Red Bull, dismissed the allegation.

The new promotional Dior footage, shared to the brand’s 46.1 million Instagram followers, shows Horner walking into Drummond Castle Gardens in Scotland, wearing a white dress.

“C’est moi! Geri, Geri Halliwell. Enchantée,” the 51-year-old says in the video, dropping her married name as she attends the “Dior in Scotland” exhibition. The French translates to, “It’s me! Geri, Geri Halliwell. Pleased to meet you”.

She walks through the display of dresses by the luxury fashion brand before taking a front-row seat on a catwalk alongside Furiosa star Anya Taylor-Joy and Hunger Games actor Jennifer Lawrence.

The Spice Girls star took on Horner’s name when the couple married in 2015. She had recently begun to use the double-barrelled version, Halliwell-Horner, and her Instagram handle remains @gerihalliwellhorner. There is no suggestion the pair have split.

The Independent has contacted the star’s representatives for comment.

Days after the scandal became public earlier this year, the couple presented a united front and held hands while arriving for the Bahrain Grand Prix. Horner was then accused of putting a “PR spin” on the scandal as he shared heartfelt tributes to the women in his life on Mother’s Day.

The F1 boss called for an end to “intrusion” into his family’s life when the allegations first broke.

(Instagram @Dior)

“Obviously it’s been a very trying period,” Horner said. “I’m married and have three children, and when that intrusion involves your children, and your marriage – and I’m very thankful I have a beautiful family and a very supportive wife.

“I’m the only one who has been named in this. So of course, it’s very trying. When there’s children involved, family, parents… it’s not pretty.

“As far as I’m concerned, as my wife has been phenomenally supportive throughout this. But the intrusion on my family is now enough.”

He went on to say that they needed to “move forward”, despite the “awful lot of coverage surrounding this”.

Horner added: “But one has to go back to the basis that a grievance was raised, it was investigated, and it was dismissed.

“It’s been of great interest to different elements of the media, for different reasons. I think it is time now to draw a line under it.”

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