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Impractical Jokers star Sal Vulcano has simultaneously revealed he’s now married and a father.

The comedian, 47, appeared on Theo Von’s podcast This Past Weekend on Tuesday, where he announced that he and his long-time girlfriend had secretly tied the knot. Vulcano explained that he met his partner “seven or eight years before” he entered the spotlight, referring to her as his “best friend” and noting that she “doesn’t mind” if he speaks about her publicly.

“I never really talk about it at all, but people know I’ve been with my lady for a very long time,” he said, admitting that he’s been hesitant in the past to speak about his personal life because he values his privacy.

“I’m so, so private,” the Staten Islander said. “Privacy is like the last thing I have, you know. Once I give it away, I can’t get it back and it’s just weird because I’ve spent a decade on television as myself.”

However, Vulcano maintained that he does want to speak publicly about his life, but on his “own terms”.

“My next special that I’m working on now, I am going to… speak about her on stage and stuff,” he revealed.

Sal Vulcano says he and his wife are parents to a 20-month-old baby girl

Elsewhere during the podcast, the comedian gushed over his baby girl, who he revealed is 20 months old. Vulcano expressed to Von that there aren’t “words to describe” fatherhood, saying: “Imagine having a new feeling after 45 years.”

“It’s the deepest feeling I’ve ever had,” he continued. “I love my family, I love my wife. It’s a feeling of inexpressible, pure happiness and joy that you feel like you are floating in the air, and it’s overwhelming.”

While Vulcano confessed that he’s previously experienced sadness and depression, he explained how becoming a father has opened him up to “limitless” feelings of happiness.

“I don’t need to access [happiness]. If I hear her voice, if she walks in, if I look at a photo of her right now, something happens to my body,” he said, before welling up with tears.

Vulcano rose to fame as one of four members of the TruTV comedy series, Impractical Jokers. In the hidden camera show – which initially aired in 2011 alongside fellow comedians James Murray, Brian Quinn, and Joe Gatto – Vulcano and his longtime friends challenge one another to do ridiculous dares in public.

In December 2021, Gatto announced he was stepping away from Impractical Jokers after nine seasons due to some issues in my personal life”. On Instagram, he revealed that he and his wife Bessy Gatto had separated and he was focused on “being the best father and co-parent” to his two children: Milana Francis and Remington Joseph Gatto.

The couple later announced that they had reconciled in an Instagram post shared in September 2023.

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