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Kylie Jenner gave fans a much-needed update on her rocky relationship with Jordyn Woods during the 30 May episode of The Kardashians on Hulu.

The status of the 26-year-old beauty mogul’s relationship with the 26-year-old model has been up in the air since their falling out in 2019. Until late 2023, the former best friend duo hadn’t seen each other. However, recently, Jenner and Woods were spotted out together twice – once for dinner and again in Paris a few months later – begging the question of whether the two socialites have finally mended their friendship.

According to Jenner, their Parisian run-in was more than pleasant, it was “fun”. Speaking with her sister Khloe during the episode, the Khy founder said: “I saw Jordyn again in Paris. It was fun. I think we have a lot more healthy distance in the relationship. Now it’s like, we talk once a month.”

For Jenner, the media attention around them added unnecessary strain on their relationship.

“I think what I do love now is that the narrative about us online is also over,” she added. “Like, when we were seen leaving that restaurant, it was the story for the day or two days, whatever – and now it’s over. People know that we’re cool and no one’s talking about it any more.”

The Kylie Cosmetics creator reportedly stopped talking to Woods in 2018 after a photo of her sitting on Tristan Thompson’s lap surfaced, sparking rumors the two had hooked up while the NBA star was in a relationship with Khloe.

Despite her personal feelings toward Woods, Khloe let her little sister know that she has always wanted her to have no regrets when it comes to her friendships.

Jenner and Woods stopped talking in 2019 after Tristan Thompson reportedly cheated on Khloe with Woods
Jenner and Woods stopped talking in 2019 after Tristan Thompson reportedly cheated on Khloe with Woods (Getty Images)

“I’ve always told you I never want you to have regrets in life. And I, for sure, never want you to have regrets with anything that comes to me,” Khloe told Jenner. “And I’ve told you when you were saying that you miss her and whatever, I’ve never had an issue with you keeping your friendships with anyone. That’s not my job in life.”

Stepping away from their conversation, Jenner felt a sense of relief knowing that Khloe wouldn’t end up resenting her for pursuing her relationship with Woods. Later in the episode, Jenner noted how this was an example of Khloe’s “pure heart”.

She said: “I’m happy to have this conversation with Khloe because I think that people don’t really understand how pure Khloe’s heart is. And even right after everything happened, her energy was always the same with me.”

In her single interview with the producers, Khloe admitted the drama with Woods and the father of her children is in the past. She’s moved on and urges fans to do the same.

“We’re not thinking that hard about the situation anymore. We just want happy, peaceful, healthy lives. That’s all we want,” she confessed.

Amid the 2019 allegations against Thompson and Woods, Khloe ended her relationship with the Cleveland Cavaliers player. While Thompson publicly declared the rumors “fake news”, Woods later admitted he kissed her at the house party in question.

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