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Miley Cyrus isn’t much of a sneaker gal, she’s a woman in heels – even at the gym.

Between five outfit changes at the 2024 Grammy Awards and years spent parading around in vibrant dresses, there’s no fashion feat Miley Cyrus won’t accomplish. Her daring personality and natural feminist inclination have quickly turned her into a style icon, motivating others to power dress in the most whimsical and risqué of ways. And this doesn’t stop on her days off.

Whether the former Disney Channel star is on the sidewalk or in the gym, she’s training in heels. Speaking to W Magazine as the “Pop Issue” cover star, the “Flowers” singer revealed the surprising shoe she wears while working out.

“My mantra is, like any athlete: ‘Practice how you perform.’ So that’s why I practice in my heels,” Cyrus explained. “The gym looks really tough, but then I’ve got my ivory Gucci slingbacks because they remind me of Marilyn ­Monroe.”

She continued: “I train in heels, mostly. I’m interested in feminizing the workout space, because so much of the workout equipment is ugly.”

That said, her “performer look” isn’t one she puts on every day. “I was gonna say, I’m fully out of drag today. I definitely have a persona – an expanded, fully realized version of myself that I tap into as a performer,” the “Wrecking Ball” creator said. “But then there’s a level of my life that’s super intimate, sacred, and secret.”

An aspect of her life that’s not so secret is her dedication to serving the LGBTQ+ community and homeless youth. In 2014, the Hannah Montana star started Happy Hippie, a nonprofit organization focusing on underserved communities.

Like her own development, Cyrus has ensured her organization continues to evolve and grow.

“Happy Hippie speaks to my fans at the age I was when it launched – 18, 19, 20, 21. But now I am renaming it the Miley Cyrus Foundation so the platform can facilitate more adult conversations,” the activist told W Magazine.

Cyrus added: “It’s not that Happy Hippie is over; it is just kind of growing up. Actually, the Miley Cyrus Foundation is the mother to Happy Hippie. I’m calling it the ‘mother foundation.’”

Elsewhere in the interview, Cyrus spoke about how becoming an adult has shifted her perspectives and reshaped the way she goes about her daily routine. Now, the sitcom star doesn’t scan people.

“I love being an adult. I have a rule that I don’t look up or don’t look down at anyone. I just look, which allows me the clarity to see the world for what it really is and people for who they really are,” she confessed.

Her new mantra: “I am a woman.”

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