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Ryan Reynolds has revealed why his children have passports for a different country.

The 47-year-old actor spoke candidly about traveling with his four children, who he shares with his wife Blake Lively, during an interview with Australian-born actor Hugh Jackman for People.

Reynolds shared that while he’s raising his children in America, they also enjoy being in Canada, which is where he was born.

“My kids, they have Canadian passports as well, and they feel a real connection to that,” he explained after Jackman asked if Reynolds’ children identify with different nationalities.

The Free Guy star expressed that his children are proud to have those passports, after spending a lot of time in Canada.

“It’s a point of pride of theirs,” he continued. “They’ve also spent huge amounts of their formative years in Canada and particularly Vancouver.”

He noted that both of his Deadpool movies were filmed in Canada while quipping about how many children he had when working on these projects.

“I had only one child in Deadpool 1 and I had two on Deadpool 2 but hopefully we don’t do a Deadpool 8 because I don’t want eight kids,” he joked.

Reynolds concluded by acknowledging that his children identify as Canadians, adding: “​​They love being from Canada. They tell people they are. ‘Oh, I’m half Canadian, half American,’”

The Green Lantern star shares four children with wife and fellow actor, Lively. The couple, who have been married since 2012, are parents to three daughters: James, nine, Ines, seven, and Betty, four. The pair welcomed their fourth child in early 2023, though they haven’t publicly revealed the baby’s name or gender.

As part of his cover story interview with People, Reynolds also opened up about his perspective on fatherhood and how his mental health has affected it. During the conversation, Jackman applauded Reynolds for being so candid about his past experiences with anxiety, before asking if he believes being a father has made his anxiety “better or worse”.

“I think it makes it better because your focus is less on yourself and more on your kids. I know you know that too,” Reynolds said.

He explained how his own struggles with anxiety have allowed him to recognize when his children are experiencing similar feelings of stress or self-doubt.

“Now I love that I have anxiety, I love that I’ve had anxiety,” he continued. “Because when I see my kids experiencing some of that, which is probably genetic, I know how to address it in a way that is compassionate, that actually allows them to feel seen. I know that I can’t just fix it. And I can communicate all that stuff to them and with them. I’m always grateful for it.”

Earlier this week, Reynolds and Lively also went on a sweet family outing with their three daughters: attending Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert in Madrid, Spain.

In a video posted to TikTok from the concert, Swift could be heard on-stage singing the track “Betty” from her 2020 album, Folklore. In the song, the 14-time Grammy winner famously uses the names of all three of Reynolds and Lively’s daughters. As Swift sang the lyric, “You heard the rumors from Inez,” Lively smiled and pointed at her daughter to react to the name-drop.

Meanwhile, James grabbed her younger sister’s arms and bounced them up and down in the air. As for Reynolds, he stood behind his daughters and quietly mouthed the lyrics to the song.

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