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A Boston shopper sparked outrage after sharing that she allegedly paid $7 for a single apple.

In a video shared to TikTok, the woman, who goes by @via..li on the app, showed viewers how expensive it was to purchase an apple at Whole Foods. The video has since gone viral on various social media platforms but has since been deleted by the shopper.

“Literally just did grocery shopping at Whole Foods and look at this,” she reportedly said in the clip. “Guess how much this is. This is an apple, it’s called a Sugarbee f***ing apple apparently and look at it.”

She continued: “The size of my palm. I thought it was like probably two to three dollars. I scanned this motherf***er I scanned it — seven f***ing dollars, seven!”

She even checked with a store employee to see if $7 was the correct price.

“Genuinely, what economy are we all f***ing living in that it costs $7 to buy an apple?” she vented. “I could have sworn that some other, like, apple that I bought was not seven f***ing dollars. It’s crazy, like $7 dollars for a latte? Okay. This apple better be tasting so f***ing good.”

The price sparked outrage among viewers, with one person commenting: “Even more insane when you realise that’s almost an entire hour of labour for some people even in the US. Imagine working an entire hour in exchange for one apple…”

“Seven dollars for anything that grows on trees is wild,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, others wondered if the whole scenario was staged for rage-bait, a common trend on the platform.

“They are $3.99 a pound,” one stated. “On average a pound will give you two to three apples. Maybe her anxiety was leaning on the scale.”

According to the Whole Foods website, the Organic Sugarbee Apple she bought is sold at $3.99 per pound in most Boston area codes, however, prices do vary per store.

One X, formerly known as Twitter, user noted that the price hike could be attributed to the fact that Organic Sugarbee Apples aren‘t available year-round, and are statistically the most expensive apple on the market due to this scarcity.

“Sugarbee Apples are a hybrid between a honeycrisp and an unknown variety,” they wrote. “They aren’t available year-round, they’re supposedly really good, and are one of the most expensive apples you can buy.”

Food blog Mike’s Window says that Organic Sugarbee Apples were discovered in Minnesota in the early 1990s, and are now commercially grown in the state of Washington. They are reportedly a product of cross-pollination between a Honeycrisp and another variety.

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