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Everyone in the service industry has likely experienced receiving a negative review at some point.

One waitress took to TikTok to show one way a bad review doesn’t bother her, by wearing it like a badge of honour. “Got a one-star review and made a top out of it,” text across the screen of Dani’s video reads.

In addition to showing herself wearing the T-shirt, she provides a closer image of just the shirt and then a screenshot of the review to highlight how the two of them are identical.

“We will never be back!!!” the review begins. “At this restaurant the staff made us feel so uncomfortable. A waitress named Dani suggested the manager outside on the cold when our baby cried because she had headache, she didn’t bother to hide her discomfort and looked at us like we were rubbish we obviously left the restaurant straight away.”

“Very not family-friendly atmosphere in there don’t bother to go with kids,” the review ended.

The screenshot noted that in addition to an overall one-star review, the family also gave the restaurant one star in the subcategories of likelihood to recommend, atmosphere, value for money, food and drink, and service.

Dani’s video went on to receive more than two million views with many fellow servers taking to the comments to talk about their bad reviews.


“I got a review saying ‘our waitress left us when her shift ended’ like YEAH BYE???” one person recalled in the comments.

A similar story in the comments read, “I got one that said ‘it truly seemed like she couldn’t have cared less about us’ babe you’re literally so correct!!”

One server explained how she made a joke out of one of her bad reviews. “I got a 1 star review saying I ruined their vibe and now my name on the till is Vibe Ruiner haha,” the comment read.

This isn’t the first time a waitress has taken to TikTok to talk about some of the situations they find themselves in. Previously one waitress, named Syd, took to the platform to reenact a scenario she had where customers came in with their own food.

It was in the middle of a brunch shift and she arrived at the table asking if the customers wanted any drinks to start to which they replied, “We brought our own coffees – I hope that’s fine,” the “customer” said, before asking Syd for “warm water”.

She decided to let it slide and then asked the customers if they wanted any food that was on the menu and they explained that they brought their own granola bars and would leave in a “few minutes”.

The waitress interpreted this as the customers needing more time with the menu before placing an order but the customer replied, “Wow servers really have turned into sales people nowadays. Yeah, we’ll just keep our money in our pockets.”

“This isn’t a public place. Will you be ordering from our restaurant?” the server asked.

After the customer replied that they were only there because they needed a place to catch up with their friend, the waitress gave them 15 minutes before asking them to relocate to a Starbucks.

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