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A woman has shared the sweet reply she received from her neighbors after complaining about their children’s loud piano playing.

In a viral video on TikTok, London-based influencer Martina Panchetti showed viewers that her neighbors replied to Panchetti’s letter asking if her children could avoid playing piano early in the morning. She wrote in the video’s overlaid text: “We sent a letter to our neighbors politely asking to make less noise and possibly avoid playing piano too early in the morning,”

Martina Panchetti shows sweet letter from neighbours apologising for practicing piano early in the mornings (@maartinapanchetti/ TikTok)
Martina Panchetti shows sweet letter from neighbours apologising for practicing piano early in the mornings (@maartinapanchetti/ TikTok) (TikTok)

Within a yellow envelope with “to neighbours” written on in child-like handwriting as well as a cartoon globe sticker was a letter written by the children and mother next door. They started the sweet message by thanking the influencer for her “kind message”.

“We realize that sometimes we can be noisy and naughty,” the letter continued. “We started learning piano and our teachers tell us to practice every day. But we sincerely apologize for not considering the times of the day and the weekends.”

They admitted that Panchetti wasn’t the only one frustrated by their early morning practice, writing: “To be honest, mommy has been telling us not to play in the mornings and she also wants to get some sleep on the weekends. We promise you and we promise our mommy to try to be more considerate.”

In addition to the letter, the neighbors sent over some “national Azeri sweets” to further demonstrate their willingness to compromise and work with Panchetti. The influencer noted in her caption that she planned on returning the favor with an edible treat inspired by her Italian background.

Since posting the video in March, it has garnered over 668,000 likes and 8.7 million views on the platform, with viewers commending both parties for how they handled the noise complaint.

“This would make me wanna put together a sorry basket for them,” one user wrote.

“Helping the parents out too,” someone commented. “It’s a great learning moment for kids to be considerate of others even when they can’t see them!”

“The way the handwriting randomly changes to cursive,” another added, noting that the mother likely wrote the cursive portion about not being a fan of early morning piano practices.

Others shared their own experiences navigating noisy neighbors and the wholesome surprises they encountered.

“We had a neighbor kid who would practice saxophone outside every afternoon,” one person recalled. “It was horrendous at first but eventually it became very enjoyable to sit outside and be serenaded by beautiful music.”

“We live in a building with all elderly people and I just had a baby. I apologized in the elevator one day for her crying,” another recounted, detailing their experience as a new mom living near seniors. “My neighbour said: ‘I love to hear her cry, I miss when my children were small like that so it makes me smile to hear babies in the building.’”

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