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Conservative candidate Aaron Bell has said he will not contest the Newcastle-under-Lyme seat at the general election.

Mr Bell won the Staffordshire seat in 2019 and said he was proud of his record.

He said the decision was made due to personal and family reasons.

The general election takes place on 4 July and the Conservative Party will have to choose a new candidate by 7 June when nominations close.

Mr Bell said he was most proud of his work on Walleys Quarry but being an MP had taken a considerable toll on him.

The landfill site in Silverdale has been the centre of protests and complaints for a number of years over gas emissions causing a stink in the community.

However the firm running the site consistently maintains it is working hard to contain the issue.

Mr Bell thanked his family and said they have made “so many sacrifices” while he was an MP.

“I am proud of the work we have done for individual constituents, even changing the law on behalf of one,” Mr Bell said.

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