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The story of Rishi Sunak as prime minister goes like this:

There was an initial blast of activity to stabilise the
economy, followed by countless attempts to revive political fortunes.

There has been an Autumn Statement, a Budget, a party
conference speech, you name it.

There have been policy ideas such as the Rwanda scheme on
irregular migration, to the scrapping of much of the HS2 rail line, to banning
smoking for young people, to tax cuts.

The impact on the opinion polls: diddly squat.

Take a look, for example, at this from the Economist.

The gap between the Conservatives and Labour has
persistently been a psephological canyon.

The hope from many Tories was at some point it would narrow.

Now, nearly three weeks into this campaign, it hasn’t.

Today is one of a shrivelling number of chances to finally
manage it for the Conservatives.

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